Unlock your year of successful PTA Events with Our FREE Annual Planner!

Haven’t seen our new FREE annual Planner? You’re in for a treat! Packed with creative event ideas – from classic disco fundraisers to unique community Summer Fairs – it caters to PTAs of all sizes.

But here’s the twist: we’ve done more than just suggest events; we’ve used our expertise and knowledge to map out the best times to start planning each one – making your PTA life that much easier for you.

Unlock your year of successful PTA Events with our FREE Annual Planner!

Why should you get your copy of our FREE Annual Planner?

All too often, fantastic event ideas pop up only when there’s not enough time left for proper planning.

Great event ideas often come too late leading to rushed executions or postponing the "great" ideas for another year. Our annual planner is designed to capture that initial burst of enthusiasm, guiding your PTA from a mere idea to a thriving event. And with added features like our integrated Prize Draw, Raffles service, and auto-generated QR codes for each event, we’re your one-stop solution.

Remember, transforming an idea into an unforgettable event involves brainstorming, logistics, volunteer coordination, ticket sales, hard work and the occasional tear, so using our annual planner you can discuss with your PTA committee what you want to do, and then check our planner for when it is best to start your planning. We’ve even made that easy too by providing popular event templates that makes setting up your event in minutes on your PTA Events platform.

We recognise that those involved in PTAs, especially you, parents, and volunteers have incredibly busy schedules, so our annual planner is designed to maximise engagement by providing the optimal time to start planning your future events now, ensuring greater participation and enthusiasm from your community.

We genuinely hope our planner becomes an invaluable tool in helping you to develop your own version of your annual plan and together deliver memorable PTA events.

Dive in, explore, and let the planning begin!

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