March Planning: Get Your PTA Set for Summer Events!

Ideas on what activities to start planning in March for your PTA

As spring is fast approaching, March is a great time to get ahead with planning summer fundraising events for your PTA. There are lots of ideas here for PTAs of all shapes and sizes to get your communities involved with throughout the summer months. We’d recommend using the event ideas as discussion points in your next committee meeting.

1. Mufti Day (April)

Plan an engaging Mufti Day / Casual Clothes Day where the children love this exciting and personal day. Encourage pupils to express themselves through their outfits. Add a competition with awards for the most creative or themed cosplay. Start communicating now and set up your event on your PTA Events website and promote using your unique event QR code. Be clear on guidelines and share these on your PTA Events event website.

2. Outdoor Cinema (May)

An Outdoor Cinema event is not just about the film; it's an exciting experience. You could get a list of films and make it a fun part of the event and run a poll to select two films, showing one mid-week and one at the weekend so everyone can be involved. Set up comfortable seating areas, perhaps even encouraging families to bring their picnics, bean bags and blankets and offer a variety of snacks, run by your volunteers. It’s a great way to create a family-friendly atmosphere.

3. Walk to School Week (16th - 20th May)

For Walk to School Week, create daily themes or challenges to keep pupils motivated like a treasure hunt or trivia questions about landmarks they pass on their way into school. Engage parents and teachers to participate or cheer on the walkers. Highlight the benefits of walking, like health and environmental impact, through educational materials and step count.

4. Summer Disco (June)

The Summer Disco can be a blast with the right planning. Choose a theme that excites the pupils, like a beach party or a glow-in-the-dark night where they can dress up too. Organise games and dance contests to keep their energy levels high. Offer light refreshments and try and create your very own photo booth with an iPad and stand for memorable snapshots.

5. Camping Event (June/July)

A Camping Event can also be a great adventure. Plan nature-related activities, such as star gazing, wildlife education, or survival skill workshops. Involve the pupils in setting up tents, preparing camp food and other activities to fill the evening.

6. End of Year BBQ (July)

An end-of-year BBQ is a time for celebration. Include a variety of food options to cater to different dietary needs which can all be managed when setting up your event in your PTA Events platform. Plan entertainment like live music, games, and maybe a talent showcase of pupils and teachers. It’s a perfect opportunity for the school community to socialise and reflect on the year’s achievements.

7. Circus (July)

Organising a Circus event is about bringing magic and excitement to your community. Contact local performers and plan circus skills workshops for children, like juggling or acrobatics. Set up circus-themed games and food stalls to enhance the atmosphere. You can also contact the main Circus provider in your local community and see if they want to get involved too.

8. Sports Day (July)

Sports Day can be great fun and a real community activity if planned in the right way. Set up a range of activities catering to different skills and interests, not just competitive sports. Create activities that keep other family members engaged throughout the day including a refreshments stall where you can recruit your volunteers using your PTA Events website when setting up the event. Include fun races, team-building games, and even activities for parents and teachers.

These events, planned with fun and creativity in mind, can significantly enhance the school community’s spirit and contribute to your fundraising goals.

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