Your May Guide to Planning a Series of Show Stopping Events

We know that thinking of exciting events to plan each month can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we have become experts in knowing what events are best to start planning at what time of year, to raise as much money as possible!

Your May Guide to Planning a Series of Show Stopping Events

Summer Raffle

Raffles (Online) are the latest feature we have introduced on platform and a fantastic way to boost your summer fundraising.

Upfront Cost: How much money your PTA needs to invest in the setup of this event.

Fundraising Capability: How much could this event boost fundraising potential.

Event set up/Organisation time: How much time is needed to get this event ready and open to your community.

Name Cost Fundraising Capability Set up time Suggested Feature(s)
100 Club Low High Low Events to inform users of your 100 club, and how they can pay.
End of Year Picnic Low or Medium (if providing BBQ/picnic food) Medium Medium Events for listing your event as well as selling tickets and food.
Product Questions for capturing any food choices if applicable.
Car Boot Sale Low Low Low Events for listing your event as well as selling tickets and food.
News to inform your community about your event.
Volunteers to recruit and manage volunteers.
Back to School Raffle Low High Low/Medium (depending on the number of prizes you offer) Raffle Event Template to streamline event setup, create batches of tickets for sales and easily add prizes.
Raffles QR Code Poster to promote ticket sales.
Sponsored Readathon Low Low Low Events and Donations to collect sponsorship for the amount of money raised.
Wishlist Low Medium Low/Medium Events and Products to add a list of products you would love people to purchase to support an ongoing project.

Regardless of the above factors, the enjoyment level is a guaranteed "high" every time! Keep it going!

If your PTA community runs any of these events, don’t forget to tag us on social media! We love to see our communities fundraising achievements!

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A Guide to Planning Your Summer on PTA Events: Fundraising Ideas & Community Fun!
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